so in my mid/late twenties, my bff was a well-read actor who, in-between girlfriends, let me be his concert buddy.  (i could write a book, but i'll spare you.  you're welcome.)  ;)

anyway, he introduced me to OVER THE RHINE.  a remarkable band (see my cd tray above).  and even if you don't dig their groove, i'd at least recommend subscribing to their email newsletter.  it's always comforting and inspiring.  and they encourage sharing.  so here is from here on out is snippets of their last email that spoke to me.

Hello again,
In the end, there is only one business plan that matters to an artist:
Keep going.
You either do or you don’t.
As we reflect back on all the shared years and miles, tears and smiles, we often think about what we would have missed if we had called it quits. Lord knows we were tempted many times along the way, especially in the early years, but even more recently too.
Some days we still wake up and think:
And if the music starts before I get there
Dance without me
I just don’t have much left to say
They’ve taken their toll these latter days

But by choosing to put one foot in front of the other, returning to the work at hand and making even modest attempts to move forward and grow, we ultimately find ourselves grateful that we stayed the course. Someone called it, A long obedience in the same direction.

What matters is Work.
Barry [Moser] also says, Don’t call yourself an artist, call yourself by the work you do.
Writer. (Writes.)
Songwriter. (Writes. Sings.)
Painter. (Paints.)
Photographer. (Makes pictures.)
Poet. (Writes poems.)
Et cetera.
Do the work. Focus on the work. Let others decide whether or not it’s art.
Somehow that bit of wisdom helped set us free.
So we return to the work. And we let the rest go. We work to put more music out into the world this year. We continue to work through the new songs. We let the new songs work through (and on) us. And we keep going.
There is still so much music left to be made.
So here we go. Get out your calendars. Circle a few dates. Let’s make plans to be together and share this long road ahead come what may. Let’s take good care of each other along the way.
Let’s keep going.
Peace like a river, love like an ocean,
Linford and Karin


i am an artist and a painter.

whoever YOU are, you can connect with them on their website:

my current OTR cd collection.  "the trumpet child" totally changed my life.  they they're all amazing.  

my current OTR cd collection.  "the trumpet child" totally changed my life.  they they're all amazing.  

hallie bertling