lara jean.

boy preferences aside, you just may be as excited as i am for netflix's "to all the boys i've loved before," an adaptation of jenny han's ya trilogy.

to celebrate this cinematic release, and to celebrate my love of all three lara jean books, i made a painting.  specifically to become a luxe bookmark!!

isn't she beautiful?

here's what i hid in the background of the painting:

from book one (to all the boys i've loved before):

  • lara jean's favourite ice cream:  cherry chocolate-chunk custard in a sugar cone
  • stormy (the storm cloud)
  • her glass unicorn collection (lara jean is as obsessed with tennessee williams' the glass menagerie as i am)
  • teddy bear (the tea party picnic where they met neighbor josh)
  • the back of the bookmark is the red & white gingham apron pattern with little brown bears from korea that lara jean loves
  • the gold heart locket
  • the hot pink reindeer with the electric blue nose
  • harry potter's glasses (halloween; josh; cho chang; not really a couples' costume)
  • dad & the banana peel
  • her mom's pink yarn hat she wore on the ski trip
  • mom's night-night tea

from book two (p.s. i still love you):

  • mcclaren's snow globe (not what was inside it, but same concept for sake of room!)
  • her first date movie ticket stub
  • valentines
  • butch cassidy & the sundance kid's hats (the pk & mcclaren rivalry)
  • the red convertible mustang (best night at a nursing home EVER)

from book three (always and forever, lara jean):

  • the red backpack (NYC & the prom-posal)
  • stormy's cornflower-blue forget-me-nots (sniffle sniffle)
  • lara jean's graduation cap with embroidered flowers

i think that's all i put in there... ;D  (other things i didn't have room for:  the beach trip carrot, mcclaren's orioles baseball cap, the time capsule and friendship bracelets, the fuzzy slippers margot gave lara jean, kitty's puppy, donuts... so much could have gone in here!!)

i hope you love it.  shop the bookmark online and i hope your l'il sis doesn't mail your crushes their love letters... 


back of bookmark is one of my favourite quotes from book two:

"of course i want to have my cake & eat it, too-- otherwise, what's the point of having cake?"

preach it, lara jean.

hallie bertling