why feet?

this is the question i get asked most often. particularly at art shows. my answer depends on how much time you've got.

but the elevator version (which i'm too claustrophobic to ride, btw) is this:

✨1. i love how much you can tell about a person not just by their footwear choice, but by their posture.

✨2. i hate it when hollywood makes a movie of a favorite book or story and then when i re-read the book, i am no longer the heroine of the adventure, but i only see actor/actress X in the role playing out in my head. it's a bummer.

✨3. i want people to step into the adventure FOR THEMSELVES! all shapes, colors, ages... i don't want to put a face on a character that can't be them. but like atticus finch said, we gotta walk around in somebody else's shoes. {paraphrase}

✨4. playing shoe designer for a book character after i've done all my research is fun. 🤓✨
& who doesn't love a Great pair of shoes?! 📚✨🎨😎

so i hope you continue to enjoy the faerie tale feet series. please step into as many adventures as you wish.
new characters coming soon, and of course all your favourites are available at halthegal.etsy.com 

✨📚😎🎁💕 (seen here: "all the better, red." a defiant stance against the wolf she and granny defeated the second time a wolf came knocking. has been given as gifts for strong women, cancer survivors, and more. read more about this piece in the faerie tale gallery. )


hallie bertling