an enchanted forest & a book fair.


today i got to hang my bookish art at a local elementary school for the month of september to coordinate with their enchanted forest-themed book fair!!

& because having the power to choose & buy my own books was such a HUGE influence in my own early impactful years, i'm asking for your help to give back!  :)

so for the next two weeks, 10% of all orders will be turned into gift certificates for the kids to buy their own books at the book fair!! AND, i'll match it up to an extra $50!!

this title one school is an arts-in-basic-curriculum school and the teachers will give out our certificates based on need & merit.

seriously-- was there anything better as a kid than picking out your own books you wanted to read & then getting to keep & cherish & reread them for years & years?!? (plus, not everyone can GET to a bookstore.  so book fairs & catalogues were the only access i had as a kid!)

thank you for celebrating this opportunity with me.

later in the month, i'll get to talk to some classes & visit with them about my love of stories & how it impacts my art, too.

& of course part of the message of the faerie tale feet series is that no matter WHO you are, you can step into the story for yourself.  no faces means our book heroes and heroines look just like YOU!!

so thanks for your help.

let's get these kids some books!!

shop & 10% of all sales now through september 14, 2018 will go directly to funding their little bookish shopping sprees.  PLUS, i'll be matching that 10% up to $50 to give kids more book-buying potential!

thank you!!

hallie bertling