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so this weekend i was suppppposed to be in augusta, ga for “arts in the heart of augusta.” but after much stressing and consideration and gilmore-approved pros&cons listing exercises, i decided it was safer & wiser to stay home as hurricane florence was approaching and making vows to make travel well-nigh impossible.

thursday night i’m walking into my (new) chiropractor’s office to get an updated diagnosis on my fusing spinal vertebrae and forward head posture of a disastrous nervous system, and i get a text for the immitigible erin godbey who’d seen on instagram that i had to cancel my georgia show travel plans and happened to have someone not be able to make indie craft parade either…. and could hold my booth spot for one hour.

the pro-con list there only took a few minutes to realize YES! i want off the wait list. YES! i want to be among the finest makers in the south. YES! i want to do an INDOOR show this potentially-hurricane-y weekend right here in my hometown.

so in less than 12 back-into-show-mode hours, i was unpacking the big blue van into ICP’s beautiful new venue at taylors mill. i wasn’t on the vendor map. but i was SO grateful to be there!

erin & the rest of the indie craft team make the artisans feel SO welcomed a valued [they had a secret zone for us to make our own pb&js all weekend. they brought us pizza on sunday because the record crowds had eaten all the food truck food on saturday! there was a ginormous makers’ brunch and a swag bag (with mints & excedrin & art supplies & all the goodies!) and i just wanted to hug them all weekend in their fancy little headsets making the show run so smoothly!]

it was a fantastic show.

i got to meet LOTS of wonderful people.

some who recognized my work from artisphere.

some fans brought their friends to become new fans, too.

and there were a few people who just loved my work and GOT it so well that jeepers my face hurt from smiling and boy, was that a happy happy afternoon!! :D

so THANK YOU to all the collectors and friends and new fans and please by all means please tag me in your indie craft loot pics because i’m honored to have been in such company!

and if you’re an artist, by all means, get on the makers co indie craft parade email list so you don’t miss application season next year. erin, libby, & jen are the best!!

so thank you erin for letting me get adjusted before i committed to a fantabulous weekend show even though i’d planned to stay inside reading and playing sushi go! with my husband all weekend in the storm; it turned into a beautiful barely-breezy artful weekend i wouldn’t have traded for anything!

xo my bookish, colourful lovelies,


and my own two well*earned, i believe, handmade splurges were a stunning (!!!) mug from willowvane and after years of drooling, i finally let myself make my own bouquet at leaph boutique!! so i’m sure you’ll be seeing both of those items pop up in my insta pictures soon!!

hallie bertling