there & back again.

sooooo…. i feel like i’m home for the first time all month. (i heard a rumour it’s april?!) however, as of may 1, this won’t be “home” anymore because we’re moving!

we’ll still be in greenville, sc, but we’re buying a home that will allow both my husband and i studio space. so that’ll be interesting. (& maybe i’ll get to buy those shiny pink wireless headphones at target after all…. bwahaha.)

so last weekend i was in chattanooga, tn for the 4 bridges arts festival.


i love the 4bridges arts festival for two main reasons:
 1.  the venue is covered, so no matter the weather, patrons and collectors can shop rain-free and
2. indoor plumbing!  (as in, i don't have to flag down a show volunteer and wait in line at a port*o*potty when i need a quick getaway....  i don't know if this is a big deal to you, but as an artist, it's kinda great to have real restrooms at a 3-day outdoor show!!)  ;D  

4bridges is also a pretty art-savvy crowd, and i sold two original faerie tale feet paintings this weekend-- which means i need to make more!!  (er, soon*ish.  working on it!)

& just in time for thoughts of fluffy bunnies and spring blooms, i wanted to share a coupon code with you!  use coupon code SPRING at and save $1 off of anything you fancy!!

that means luxe faerie tale feet bookmarks like "merlyn's beard!" seen here will ship to you for just $5!!

you can also use it on limited edition signed reproductions, or our fancy new die*cut stickers, too!!  happy spring break shopping to you!!

(coupon code expires next thursday, 4/25)

P.S. you only have until next friday, just one week from today, april 26, to drop in and see my gallery show, STEP INTO STORY at centre stage!!

you can call dibs on brand new faerie tale illustrations like "fairy godmother in blue" seen here.  
15 x 13" in the frame, and original gouache and ink on watercolour paper available for collecting at just $125!

all the remaining original faerie tale feet paintings are also on display.
you can stop by the theatre lobbies tuesday through friday, 2pm-6pm.

and email me if you'd like to purchase a piece!

i hope it IS spring where you are.

and i hope your feet are up, you’re reading something grand, and contemplating what art you’ll add to your library walls next. happy collecting to you!! :)

hallie bertling