halthegal story art.

story-inspired watercolors by hallie m. bertling

a colour*consumed creative, i paint. in gouache. brite, pretty, book-nerd worthy pictures.

the "faerie tale feet" series of paintings illuminates favorite heroines & heroes from faerie tales & classic literature (including plays and even pop culture), and uses symbols from the original stories to compose the backgrounds hiding lots of details as i go.  
i paint just the feet so (like a good book) you can step into the adventures for yourself.

halthegal desk 1.jpg

inspired by faerie tales, books, & plays, i paint pictures and drink all the coffee.

the faerie tale feet collection explores how much posture-- and shoes-- can tell us about a person or a character.  and by not assigning a face to these beloved tales, allows YOU to step into each story for yourself.

i paint in gouache (opaque watercolour) to keep the tales vibrant and your library walls as brite as can be.

i delve into the original tellings of each tale-- doing all the research i can in order to hide story nerd details in the intricate background patterns of each piece.

in the character gallery, you can explore each painting-- the resources, the process, and what all the background story icons allude to from the original book or tale.

some original paintings are still for sale, and you can explore limited edition signed prints as well as other bookish goodies on my halthegal etsy site.

happy collecting!

peace, love, & many colourful reads to you,


halthegal hair square.jpg

"stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving."

- madeleine l'engle


read all the books.

live your own adventure.

& make sure you're wearing the right pair of shoes.